Peterlee Web Hosting


On this page you will find free tutorials. Please go through each one of these when you first register to make sure you know how to manage your site. Refer back to them if you have any issues before contacting Technical Support. You can access your control panel via this link.

Book mark your control panel & change your password - 3 mins

Setting up your email addresses - 5 mins 

Make your site secure - 5 mins (coming soon)

Start building your web site - 3 mins

Change the background picture - 3 mins 

Adding & deleting pages - 3 mins 

Adjusting the menus - 4 mins 

Adding links - 2 mins

Adding video to your site - 4 mins

Making your site responsive (mobile friendly) - 5 mins (coming soon)

Adding a contact form - 2 mins (coming soon)

Publish your site - 1 min (coming soon)